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Woodmont's team brings extensive experience and knowledge to our partners. As owners, we appreciate the flexibility and responsiveness expected of our partners during the underwriting, deal execution and ownership phases of the investment cycle. We work tirelessly to minimize risks and maximize opportunities.

Our suite of consulting services include: underwriting & deal execution support and asset management.

Underwriting and Deal Execution

  • Full Underwriting with Proforma and Return Analysis

  • Sensitivity Analysis

  • Sale Comp Analysis

  • Market ("Comp Set") Analysis

  • Due Diligence Support

  • Loan Sizing and Structure

  • Preparation of Investment Memo

  • Development of Sources & Uses

Asset Management

  • Strategically collaborate with ownership to establish objectives and goals

  • Assist in the selection of the appropriate management company 

  • Facilitate the partnership between ownership and the management company

  • Manage the Annual Budget Process and 5-Year Pro Forma refresh

  • Monthly financial and operational reviews

  • Benchmark performance relative to industry, market and comp set
  • Proactively collaborate with the management company to optimize operating margins and cash flow

  • Monitor management company's Sales & Marketing and Revenue Management strategies

  • Annual review of real estate tax appeal opportunities

  • Annual insurance program review

  • Site inspections confirming adherence preventative maintenance program

  • Identify and implement ROI opportunities

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